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Peter Pan review

Another movie hinted at in Pinocchio was this.
In 1953, Walt Disney Pictures released Peter Pan. Based on on a play of the same name, and a book called The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up by J.M Barrie. Now this was a film that I didn't grow up with unfortunately but always wanted to see. I'm not sure when I finally watched it, but I do remember loving it. Now will this film have better reception on his debut release than Alice in Wonderland, or should it just be fed to the tick-tock-croc? Lets find out.
Our story begins with a narration by a narrator. Which introduces us to the Darling Family. Which consist of George, Mary, and their kids, Jane, John, and Michael. Apparently, in the Darling house, peter pan is something very familiar to the family. Jane is the on brings it up the most. She tells her brothers stories of Peter Pan, a boy who never grows up and lives in a place called Neverland. The boys like to act out the stories by playing games tog
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Mortal Enemies :iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 1 0 Lord Hater :iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 1 17
Would the real Alien in the room please stand up?
It was a cold a snowy night. All was peaceful and quiet. Two officers were enjoying the atmosphere of it all. One officer was a black hedgehog named officer shadow. A tuff yet well meaning police officer who took his job with pride. The other was a chameleon named officer espio. An officer who took his job seriously but was more of a straight man and prefers field work. Tonight they were relaxing in their police car near the woods.
shadow: ah. Nothing like the peace and quiet of the great outdoors eh espio?
espio: most certainly.
Shadow and espio's peace was interrupted when they got a call o their police radio. They were told a lady who lived near a lake reported that an unidentified flying object had flown over her home, and crashed in a terries lake. A lake that was very popular around the neighborhood.
shadow: alright, we'll check it out.
espio: do we have to?
shadow: yes. We're the police, now lets move.
Shadow drives the police car over to the lake to see what's going o
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The Chaos Awakens S02EP2: Game On
On Angel Island. Knuckles was in a panic when he heard Tikal's words. All he could do was hold his hands to his head and walk in a circle.
knuckles: t-t-t-the extinction of all life?! What does this mean?! What do I do?!
tiakl: knuckles clam down! We can still prevent this!
knuckles:*stops panicking*really! How?!
tikal: all we have to do is find the source, and destroy it.
knuckles: good, I'm gonna go tell sonic!
tikal: wait knuckles! You need to take precaution.
knuckles: oh I have precaution! My fist!
Knuckles glides away to find Sky Patrol. Tikal's sighs, knowing it's too late to stop him now. For she know of what they are facing. On the Death Egg. Eggman was inspecting his new creation. Nazo was hooked up a machine that a bunch of wires attached to his body. He was also sitting down in a chair.
dr. eggman: I'm getting a lot of interesting readings from you Nazo. A few signs of chaos energy. How interesting. I would love to harness this energy for my own, but you will serve nic
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Artistic Inspiration :iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 0 0
An encounter with Nina
Nina cortex was a simple little villain. Recently was on Summer Vacation from Evil Public School. Or as she liked to call it "the dreads of society." So one day Nina was hanging out at Cortex Castle with nothing to do. While everyone else was playing a card game.
N. Gin: AH HA! JINN!
dingodile: we're playing poker.
n. gin: oh......POKER!
n. trophy: you don't know how to play this do you?
n. gin: uuuuuh, no. 
dr. cortex: do you have any threes?
pinstripe: so wait, we're playing go fish now?
n. gin: I'M SO CONFUSED!
Nina: uncle cortex, can I go outside for a while?
Dr. cortex: uh huh, sure. AH HA, JINN!
n. trophy:*slaps his forehead*
Nina went outside and knew exactly what she wanted to do with her time. She ran through the jungle, and came upon the home of the Bandicoots.
nina: just what I needed.
Coco:*sitting in a lawn chair*ah. A sunny day and a glass of lemonade. How I love it. And what's even better, crash isn't bothering me, crunch isn't pestering me, and aku aku isn't l
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Alice in Wonderland review

So remember in Pinocchio, how I mentioned that those books in the background were very important. Well here's where they become important. Now that they could continue making films, Walt could make the films he always wanted to make. That film, was this...
In 1951, Walt Disney pictures released, Alice in Wonderland. Based on the books by Lewis Carroll. Like many Disney films, this was one I, and many others, grew up with. This film became very well know just for how weird it is. And I'm not talking Fun and Fancy Free weird. I mean very, very weird. Although that's not a bad thing in this movie's case. So is this film still as good as many say, or is it just a mixed up wonderland? Lets find out?
Our story begins with a young girl named Alice sitting in a tree listening to, well I don't really who. The movie never really tells us, so I don't know if it's her mother, her sister, her nanny, but lets move on. Alice eventually sneaks away t
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Cinderalla review
In 1950, Walt Disney Pictures released Cinderella. After the time the made package films, Walt and his crew went back to making full animated films. And this one would have a budget of Three million dollars! The problem was, if this film wasn't a success, the studio would have to shut down. Well in the end, it reached Walt's expectations. But is it still a good film today, or is it just an excuse to sell merch? Lets find out.
For the three people who don't know the story of Cinderella, let me break it down for ya. Our story stars Cinderella. A young girl who lives with her evil step mother and two ugly step sisters. The only friends she has are some talking mice, who constantly get into some funny chase scenes with a cat name Lucifer. One day, she wants to go to the ball, but cant. Things don't go very well for our protagonist, until her Fairy Godmother shows up. She makes Cinderella a princess, Cinderella goes to the ball, accidently loses a glass slipper, meets her prince charm
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Shadaze: A future meeting
Shadow the Hedgehog was a simple man with a simple life. Well, that's what he thought at least. After Many years of working at G.U.N, he had made it to the top. Commander Tower had passed away, and shadow was put in his place. Now as the head of G.U.N., shadow had a lot more responsibility. Currently, his mission was to track down Team Hooligan and toss them in jail. At the moment he's chasing them through a forest.
nack: keeprunningkeeprunningkeeprunningkeeprunning!
nack: if only I still had Marvelous Queen! Then we could've gotten out of here a long time ago!
bean: what about this?*pulls out a warp ring*
nack: you had a stinkin warp ring this whole time?!
bean: yeah.
nack: ugh never mind!*grabs the warp ring*
Nack throws the warp ring in front of them and he and the other hooligans jump in! It was then when shadow finally showed and saw the opened warp ring.
shadow: you guys ain't going anywhere!
Shadow jumped in the warp ring, hoping to find t
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The Chaos Awakens S02EP1: A New Adventure
It's been a year since the epic fight against mephiles happened. Things have been normal around Mobius. For normal, it's living the easy life, and having the occasional eggman or mercenary fight. Sonic knew that things wouldn't change. But eggman knew something had to change, as he of coursed would do anything to destroy sonic. For Months he had been studying the ring he had found and placed in a power chamber in a hidden room inside of the death egg. Eggman, orbot, and cubot were in there studying the ring.
dr. eggman: power levels stable orbot?
orbot: power levels stable sir.
dr. eggman: good. Now maybe I can get some use out of this thing. Maybe I can use this as a power source for my entire badnik army! I could power my robots without having to waste my time looking for a chaos emeralds. Lets try this, orbot, cubot, raise bars. I need to get the energy out of this thing!
Orbot and Cubot raises some bars, causing the machine the ring was in to
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Proto Man drawing :iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 0 0 New Logo :iconsupercrashthehedgeho:supercrashthehedgeho 2 0
The Chaos Awakens EP20: The Finale part 2
On sky patrol. Everyone was resting recollecting on the past events.
sonic: and then I was like, eat this mephiles!
sally: wow, sounds like one hec of a fight. 
tails: you bet it was! We were awesome! 
sonic: yeah. Hey rotor, how's silver doing?
rotor: he should be fine. But that scratch has been making him act weird. He's gotten some kind of attitude.
sonic: that cant be good. I don't want him to get hurt or worse, I mean after all. His future was destroyed. So the least I can do for him is take care of him and let him stay. Hec, maybe he can even be a new member once he heals.
sally: maybe, but lets just make sure he's ok.
tails: don't worry sonic. I'm sure things will work out.
Meanwhile at G.U.N. The commander was throwing a grand party for shadow for his heroism!
commander tower: a toast to shadow! For stopping a great threat to our world! CHEERS!
everyone: CHEERS!
shadow: thank you commander.
commader tower: you're welcome agent shadow. Y'know f
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The Chaos Awakens EP19: The Finale part 1

This was it, the final battle for the fate of the universe! The epic battle had already begun! Swords, lasers, and fists were everywhere! Mephiles and our super-formed heroes had taken their battle to the sky! While everyone else took the battle to the ground! The stakes were tied as mephiles was doing his best to block off the attacks, as he realized something.
mephiles: (curses! That chaos blast did a number on me! Anymore damage like that and I'm done for! All my hard work will be for nothing!)I given you all a chance to surrender-
super sonic: BLA, BLA, BLA, BLA, BLA, BLA! THAT'S ALL I HEAR COMING OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!*spin attacks mephiles*
mephiles: GAH! Curse you sonic! Chaos Spear!
super sonic:*gets hit*ARGH! Ok, now you've really gotten on my nerves.
super silver: guys! I have an idea!
Everyone goes to silver and huddles next to him.
super silver: ok, mephiles looks like he cant take much more damage. If we ca
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Fun and Fancy Free review

In 1947, Walt Disney Pictures released their fourth package film, Fun and Fancy Free. Now before I continue, I just want to say I wont be reviewing Make Mine Music or Melody Time. Why? Well the f
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Worlds of Freedom Chapter 2
Act 1
Chapter 2: Double Duel
Lilac screamed as Metal Sonic came hurtling towards her. She jumped out of the way just in time as the killer Sonic robot clone swiped his vicious claws at her, missing her face by millimetres. The dragon even felt the air sweep across her face as her mechanical opponent missed. Whoever this Dr. Eggman fiend was, he certainly had a deadly robot working for him. She even thought that this machine could put even Brevon’s deadliest machines to shame. She jumped back as Metal Sonic landed down on his feet, turned and glowered at his Avalician opponent with his blood-red optics. He knew straight away that he was against a fast opponent, maybe just as fast as or even faster than Sonic himself. He was built to best Sonic and if he could do that, he could surely take out this puny little dragon. After all, she could hardly be any worse than Sonic.
He even took a moment to scan her so he could use any data about her to his advantage, a tactic he
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Bad news guys, I'm leaving Deviant Art. I just feel like I've done all I can here. I contributed to the community. I've made plenty of friends who share plenty of similar interest. This place has been a great place to express myself and show my wonderful art and writing to the world. So to all my friends, I say thank you. To those who don't like my artwork or just flat out hate me, screw you, I'm a good person, and you would see that if you took the time to get to know me. So yeah, I love all you guys and gals(some more than others*wink*). So before I leave, please check out the links in the bottom. This is super-crash-the-hedgeho(g) signing out. Goodnight everybody.……


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Giovanni Yslas
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My name is Giovanni Yslas, but some call me gio, and I am 14 years old. I am a gamer, who is a huge fan of sonic, Mario, crash bandicoot, and megaman. I can be weird to some people, and I love animals.
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